DDI Creates New Look For Non-Profit Organisation Global Sisters

DDI Creates New Look For Non-Profit Organisation Global Sisters

Sydney independent creative agency DDI has unveiled a new brand persona for not-for-profit organisation Global Sisters reflecting the resilience and strength of the sisters behind it.

Global Sisters provides some of society’s most vulnerable women with business coaches, business advice and an ecommerce platform to harness their potential and accelerate the germ of a business idea into a thriving enterprise.

It all began with the logo. Faced with the unique challenge of creating a brand that speaks to the cause, but also something that looks at home on jewellery, packaging and an ecommerce platform, DDI fused a hand-drawn element with a clean typeface.

Global Sisters

DDI managing director Caroline McLaughlin said: “There’s an inherent disconnect between empowering women to become independent businesswomen and being a charity. We outed the elephant in the room and changed the conventional wisdom of the category.

“From the get go, we said we were in the business of building businesses. These women rock. Our job was to create a brand for them befitting of their amazing skill sets.”

DDI creative director Chris D’Arbon added: “We knew we had one shot to reflect the same drive and boldness of the Global Sisters concept in our branding. This brand is the antithesis of a charity.”

The new brand design reflects the hand-made products created by Global Sisters, as well as the boutique and accessible luxe feel of its online retail platform.

The rebrand also overcomes language barriers with the globally recognised symbol for women by replacing the ‘o’ of ‘Global’ and the ‘t’ of ‘Sisters’ with a more graphic iteration.

“Next, we needed to reflect the rich stories of our Sisters, which is where the raw portraiture, organic textures and cultural patterns came in,” D’Arbon said.

The brand elements were then splashed across collateral, the Global Sisters website and social.

Mandy Richards, founder and CEO of Global Sisters, said: “DDI have been amazing and lovely from our first interaction.

“I would walk away from our first few meetings terrified and exhilarated at the possibilities they were creating for us, but I have always trusted their judgement and interpretation of my goals, and never been disappointed.

“They are also a genuinely lovely group of people who are fun and fabulous to spend time with.”


Agency: DDI

Chris d’Arbon – creative director

Jenny Liu – designer

Bernd Winter – executive creative director and founder

Caroline McLaughlin – managing director


Agency Partner: Jason Riddell Retouching

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DDI Global Sisters

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