Dave Hughes: “I Get My Best Material When Things Go Wrong”

Dave Hughes: “I Get My Best Material When Things Go Wrong”

Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes is perhaps one of Australia’s most well-known and beloved comedians.

And, on Monday 20 January at 9pm, he’ll be back on Network 10 for the third season of Hughesy, We Have A Problem.

When the show debuted in 2018, it garnered a tidy 632,000 metro viewers. Last year, it premiered to 498,000. At first, the show screened on Tuesday nights, before changing to Sunday nights halfway through 2019. This year, the show has secured a Monday night slot.

Some of the comedians joining Hughesy on the panel this year include Amanda Keller, Tommy Little, Tanya Hennessy, Denise Scott, Nazeem Hussain and Ross Noble.

B&T had a quick chat with the comedian to discuss the process of putting the show together, if he checks the ratings, and where he gets his material from.

On whether he’ll look at the ratings after each episode goes to air, Hughesy said “absolutely”, noting that if the ratings aren’t up to scratch, “you just keep going, basically.”

Speaking on his relationship with 10 and how much autonomy he has on putting the show together, he said: “The production team put the show together and 10 just trust us to do the show, which is wonderful.”

When asked if he’s ever had an idea shut down by 10, he said: “No, they’re very good, I can’t think of an example when they’ve shut an idea down. I’ve got a great relationship with 10.”

Hughesy can be seen and heard across a range of mediums, from TV to radio and standup. His favourite medium to work on?

“I love it all, it all blends into one, really. I want an audience so, as long as I’m doing comedy I’m happy,” he said.

On where he gets his comedic material, he said it predominantly comes from “when things go wrong.”

“A lot of material I get from when I have angst and then I turned that into a comedy, that’s the whole premise of the show. Making comedy out of problems.”

You can catch Hughesy, We Have a Problem on 10 from Monday 20 January.



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