Dancing With The Stars Line-Up Leaked

Dancing With The Stars Line-Up Leaked

Network 10 has confirmed three of the biggest names on this season’s Dancing With the Stars, following a list of potential celebrities getting leaked on Tuesday.

According to 10, Cassandra Thorburn, Samuel Johnson and Sir Curtly Ambrose will be shaking their groove things on the dance floor when Dancing With the Stars returns in 2019.

Thorburn confirmed her spot on the show during an interview with Studio 10.

Speaking on her decision to go on the show, Thorburn thanked her dad.

“He said to me, ‘If you don’t say yes to an opportunity that you never thought would come up, you will regret it one day’.

“Plus, learning to dance is so lovely. What a skill.”

Meanwhile, cricketing legend Sir Curtly Ambrose commented: “This will give me a chance to show Australia and the rest of the world that I can do more than a bit of cricket.

“I’m serious about it, I’m not going to travel all the way from Antigua to come here to mess it up,” he said.

Thorburn and Ambrose will be joined by actor Samuel Johnson.

Last year, following the passing of his sister, Johnson promised to raise $10 million for cancer by any means necessary.

Talking about the show, Johnson said: “I promised the country I’d raise $10 million for cancer research and I want to dance my way there.”

He added he’d been training “every day”.

Dancing With the Stars will hit screens mid-February.

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