Cypha Creates A Virtual Reality Halloween Experience

Cypha Creates A Virtual Reality Halloween Experience

To commiserate Halloween’s vile descent to mainstream commercialisation, digital agency Cypha, decided to remind people what Halloween is really about – getting shit scared and throwing up…

The Cypha Slaughterhouse is a virtual reality walk-through experience that invites users into an eerie dilapidated house in an unknown parallel, dystopian world. Dark, dingy and with a bucket load of creepy ambiance, the house presents all the hallmarks of a golden age Hollywood horror classic.

As the user navigates their way from room to room, they’re interrupted by various gruesome characters, whose mysterious and frightening behaviours are left for the user to debunk.

From the ‘slashed-throat maiden’ to the peering (obviously unqualified) surgeon who lives out his twisted fantasies through the deconstruction (and reconstruction) of human bodies, there is something for every willing fright-buff.

But be warned, this is not for the faint of heart.

The experience was developed in Unity 3D and uses an Oculus 2 head-set. Each character was filmed on a green screen and integrated into a 3D environment.

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