CX Agency Lavender Backs Retro-Running For Le Coq Sportif Australia

CX Agency Lavender Backs Retro-Running For Le Coq Sportif Australia

Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee did it as part of their training routine and Buddhist monks in ancient China believed it was good for body, mind and soul development. Retro-running, or running backwards, is now taking centre stage with a new content hub created by CX agency Lavender for sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif.

As the Rio Olympics Games draws to a close, Le Coq Sportif has made it its mission to help Irishman Garret Doherty – a three-time world champion of Retro-Running – raise public support for Retro-Running with the hope that it becomes recognised as an Olympic sport.

Doherty’s dream is to compete on the world stage before he dies. He has been running backwards for seven years and can run a mile backwards in less than seven minutes.

Lavender created a content hub in support of the Retro-Running athletes community for Le Coq Sportif, which recognised the potential of supporting the rise of what could go on to become a popular sport.

In addition to, Lavender has created social content and is generating PR for the cause. The work has also gone international, with Le Coq Sportif using the content on its global social platforms.

Lavender has also sent letters on behalf of Garret Doherty to the 93 members of the International Olympic Committee, seeking their support for the recognition of the sport. Doherty received a helpful reply from the Swiss member, outlining the steps he would need to take to achieve his Olympic goal.

Visitors to the content hub can also sign a petition in support of Retro-Running becoming an Olympic Sport.

Lavender executive creative director Marco Eychenne said, “When we discovered Garret’s story we knew it had the potential to become a story of great sporting achievement, full of passion and determination.

“And we recognised straight away that it was a great cause for Le Coq Sportif to be associated with and help take Retro-Running to the Olympics. We have our sights firmly set on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games.”

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