Cutting Class? Then You Get A Burger AND Beer For $10!

Cutting Class? Then You Get A Burger AND Beer For $10!

Abbotts Hotel Waterloo have kicked off their epic new $10 Ferris Bueller Beer & Burger Deal for the students of Australia, which began on Tuesday 29 August.

However to access to this deal you must prove to the bar staff that you’ve cut class to be there – because the staff at Abbotts believe that if you’re going to skip school, you may as well enjoy yourself as much as you can while you do it.

The idea came to Bill Smith, Publican at Abbotts Hotel, as a group of students came into the venue and ordered a round of beers. They could later be overhead cheersing to a class well skipped.

“We’ve all missed a class, lecture or tutorial in our lifetime – I’m just offering students an incentive to spend their newly found free time drinking beer and eating great food at my pub while they do it!” Smith said.

“If you’ve been given an early mark, your tutor is sick or you can watch the lecture at home: then this deal is for you,” he added.


If you happen to come in and you’re not skipping class, don’t worry as you’ll still be able to sink a cold schooner of Tooths Pale Ale and munch on a tasty Abbotts Burger for $15.


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