Cute Kitten Stunt Leaves A Social Media Stink

Cute Kitten Stunt Leaves A Social Media Stink

Just for today you could spend 15 minutes buried in the furry, fluffy face of a tiny kitten, thanks to Uber. What a way to de-stress from the afternoon meeting with your boss.

The driving service has partnered with animal shelters across Australia to deliver these adorable felines, #UberKittens, to Uber app holders.

Four different shelters around the country are participating in the initiative, with Kristina Vesk, CEO of the Cat Protection Society, the Sydney charity partnering with Uber, saying it was an innovative way  to promote animal protection.

“Uber approached us and truly it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up,” Vesk told B&T. “As a charity we couldn’t afford to do a publicity drive like this and it’s such a wonderful opportunity to tell people really important feline welfare messages in a positive and fun way.”

The kitten cuddles started in the US and were a roaring success with Uber saying it was swamped with users asking for cats Down Under.

“Following the HUGE success of UberKITTENS in the US, we were inundated with requests from riders and some amazing local shelters to bring it to our shores so we could share the kitten love and spread the word about the importance of finding much needed homes for our furry friends,” said Uber on its blog.

However some Twitter users questioned the driving around and distribution of baby cats.

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Some are pretty keen for the kittens though.

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Vesk stresses the feline’s health is the top priority. She said: “The welfare of the kitten is absolutely paramount to us. We’ve selected confident kittens.”

The kitten delivery is available to Uber app holders for $40 between 12-4pm with the funds going towards the partnered animal shelters.


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