Cummins&Partners Says It’s Not A Good Look To Drive With Your Mobile

Cummins&Partners Says It’s Not A Good Look To Drive With Your Mobile

Cummins&Partners South Australia has launched a new Mobile Distraction campaign developed for the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) of South Australia.

The ‘It’s not a good look’ campaign targets drivers who are distracted by their mobile phones while driving by highlighting a variety of negative consequences.

MAC general manager of road safety and strategic communications, Michael Cornish, said the new campaign shows just how exposed all drivers are whenever they look down at their mobile in the car.

“With any behaviour change program – establishing the best way to deliver the message and educate the community is a challenge,” said Cornish.

“Throughout this campaign we are clearly showing people that it’s not ok to look down at their phones – that it is in fact anti-social and dangerous behaviour.

“We are really pleased with this campaign and believe it will result in genuine behavioural change.”

Cummins&Partners creative director, Jason Hollamby says the simple act of looking down at a mobile has become a strong mnemonic for tuning out.

“For onlookers it’s very obvious phone behaviour, and for drivers it’s almost impossible for them to hide what they’re doing,” said Hollamby.

“It’s in these moments that drivers are most vulnerable to being judged by others or being caught by the police because they’re so unaware of what’s going on around them.”

Over the coming months the campaign will come to life across multiple channels including TV, social and cinema.

The TV commercials highlight that it’s impossible to look down at your phone without others noticing you while the cinema pieces show a social experiment that reinforces this message.


Agency: Cummins&Partners South Australia

Creative Director: Jason Hollamby

Art Director: Chay O’Rourke

Art Director: Joel van der Knaap

Copywriter: Nick Milde

Strategy: Adam Ferrier, Katherine Paphitis

Account Team: Maddy Lehmann, Bronwen Gwynn-Jones

Client Team: Michael Cornish, Richard Blackwell, Julia George

Photography/Finished Art: Paul Munzberg

Illustrator: John Draper

Producer: Vicki Niehus

Production Company: Nylon Films

Director: Nick Matthews

Direct of Photography: Jonathan Rossiter ACS

Composer/Sound Engineer: Scott Illingworth, Pete Best

Sound Production: Best FX

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