Cummins&Partners Asks Working Mothers To Share #TheWholePicture On IWD

Cummins&Partners Asks Working Mothers To Share #TheWholePicture On IWD

Advertising agency Cummins&Partners is urging working mothers to get behind an International Women’s Day initiative that sees working mothers sharing #thewholepicture.

Spearheaded by the creative director of Cummins&Partners, Sarah McGregor, working mums are being urged to proudly share #thewholepicture by changing their LinkedIn headshot to a photograph of themselves with their children.

Advertising continues to be a male-dominated industry, particularly in the creative department, where worldwide, only three per cent of creative directors are women.

Considering 85 per cent of purchasing decisions are made by women, yet 90 per cent of them feel no connection with advertising whatsoever, it is clear the ratio needs to change.

McGregor said: “I personally put off starting a family for years because I was genuinely worried about the negative impact on my career… at some point I’d been made to feel that women with children were somehow seen as ‘less than’ – less ambitious, less dedicated, less reliable.

“But now I’ve had a child myself, I know the opposite is true – being a mother undoubtedly makes you a more efficient, focused employee and a better, more empathetic leader”.

McGregor believes that being a working parent is a badge of honour and something that shouldn’t be ‘kept mum’ about.

“So many professional women feel the need to hide or publicly minimise their family life, but by sharing our situations openly, we can empower working mothers to be proud of their status, and set a reassuring example for the next generation”.

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