The Crucial Fact Most Marketers Miss About Millennials

The Crucial Fact Most Marketers Miss About Millennials

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Millennials have changed - they're not what you think anymore.


Picture your “typical” millennial. Young, tethered to social media, still living at home.

New data reveals that not only is this picture wrong—it’s obsolete. The digitally native generation that helped elect Barack Obama, embraces equal marriage rights, and cares deeply about the environment is evolving—and quickly. And that change is being brought on by one simple fact: millennials are now parents. Of the older half of millennials (those aged 25 to 34) over 22 million already have kids.

Each day roughly 10,000 millennial moms give birth. Our new research reveals that parenthood is driving a more pragmatic, conservative outlook—and it’s dramatically changing how millennials buy, behave and believe.

In 2013, our first study of millennial parents revealed that traditional values and ideals were starting to take hold in this often-watched generation. In just a short year, the changes have become even more profound. Let’s take a look at five new trends that will redefine how marketers speak to and with millennials.

The Millennial Political Conundrum

Parenthood shows a sharp increase in millennials that identify themselves as “conservative evangelical Christians” from 9.6 percent to 32.9 percent. However, more millennial parents, 30 percent, self-identify with the Democratic Party than any other.

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