Creativity Is The Future Of Brands Says Former Samsung Marketing Boss

Creativity Is The Future Of Brands Says Former Samsung Marketing Boss

Welcome to the fourth installment of B&T’s video series IN THE KNOW. The series – brought to you by the fine people at film production company In The Thicket – is designed to give professional tips to modern-day marketers among B&T’s readership.

Today we talk with CMO and former Samsung marketing boss, Arno Lenior, about brand currency and storytelling.

Lenior says that to succeed, modern brands need get these three things right – be current, be relevant and be authentic.

“Marketing is the art of storytelling, that is fundamentally how we like to communicate as human beings and that is what it’s actually all about. What is your narrative? But the real beauty is when you can tell it’s actually authentic. This is an authentic story and something I can buy into; there’s no puffery around it.

“In today’s form it’s about being true to yourself, being honest, because consumers will just see through it. They’ve got more ways than ever to find out the truth,” he says.

Lenior adds that marketing is all about creativity. “It’s the future for brands,” he says.

“There’s so much wallpaper out there at the moment and when you think about how to stay relvevant, to stay current but retain your authenticity it comes down to creativity,” he says.

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