CPR First Aid Study: Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Among Most Googled Personal Goals

CPR First Aid Study: Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Among Most Googled Personal Goals

According to a new study from CPR First Aid has revealed that Aussies’ most Googled personal goal in the summer is losing weight, new research has found.

Their next most researched summer objective is healthy eating, followed by drinking more water. This time of the year, Aussies want to stop snoring and quit smoking more than they want to develop their career paths, put an end to drinking or get better sleep.

The study analysed Google search volumes of 65 top-trending keywords related to personal goals throughout Australia in the summer. The top ten emerging themes cover eight months’ worth of search volumes for November, December, January and February of 2022 and 2023.

Australia’s top personal goal is losing weight. It is the most Googled theme in every state and territory in the country, averaging 365,360 searches per month around the summer months. Aussies looked up inquiries related to weight loss twice as much as the next most popular personal goal – healthy eating. Unlike with most other personal goals, the interest in shedding some extra pounds is relatively even across Australia, though New South Wales had a 2.52 per cent higher rate than the rest of the country. “How to lose weight fast”, in particular, was the most searched term within this theme in December 2023 throughout Australia.

Healthy eating is the second most popular summer goal Aussies look up online. Searches for keywords related to healthy eating averaged 192,590 inputs per month in the period around the summer months. Searches for “healthy eating plan” peaked in January 2023 more than any other time of the year. Similarly to losing weight, interest in healthy eating is rather uniform throughout Oz, with 3.8 per cent more searches coming from the Northern Territory.

Every month around the summer months, Australians seek advice on increasing their water consumption. On average, there were 165,050 monthly searches related to ways of drinking more water. This is the third most looked up objective in the country. Water intake goals are of particularly high interest in the Australian Capital Territory, where searches are 11.34 per cent above the national average.

From November through February, career development, alcohol consumption and sleep quality appear less of a concern compared to Aussies’ hope to stop snoring or kick the smoking habit. Tasmania residents want to stop snoring the most – 22.20 per cent more than the average Aussie. Meanwhile, people in the Northern Territory want to quit smoking 28.56 per cent more than anyone else in Australia.

Residents of Western Australia are far more interested in developing a career path than Aussies elsewhere. People here are 72 per cent more concerned about their career development than the average Australian is.

No one wants to stop drinking as much as people in the Northern Territory. Their search histories point towards an 81 per cent higher interest in giving up alcohol than in other parts of the country. This is also where hopes for better sleep are more than double the national average. The same goes for improving their budgeting skills, with Northern Territory residents researching the topic online 132.20 per cent more than their fellow Aussies.

Overthinking is also in the nation’s top ten most searched personal goals. New South Wales is especially worried about this, with a 4.46 per cent higher likelihood of looking for a way to stop overthinking by Googling it.

“We aimed to cover as wide a range of personal goals as possible, from jobs and mental health to addictions and lifestyle habits like procrastination and biting nails. We were very surprised that all the top five goals Aussies aim for are entirely health-related. Being healthy seems more important to us than our career trajectories, for instance, and that speaks volumes about our priorities as a society,” said a spokesperson for CPR First Aid.

Australia’s Top 10 Most Searched Personal Goals in the Summer and Areas Most Concerned with Each

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