Cosmopolitan Release Car ‘Just For Women’ And Women Are Absolutely Furious!

Cosmopolitan Release Car ‘Just For Women’ And Women Are Absolutely Furious!

A marketing stunt between British Cosmopolitan magazine and the Spanish carmaker SEAT appears to have backfired spectacularly.

The idea was simple enough (albeit one from three decades ago) – release a car (the delightfully named ‘Mii by Cosmopolitan’) aimed just at women and their particular womanly needs.

The little hatch only came in purple (do women even like purple?) and SEAT called it “our most feminine car” and “a tribute to the modern woman.” Supposedly, it came with everything “a women needs in terms of daily usage” (yes, we have no idea what that means either). Excitingly it came with lipstick holders and extra mirrors so you could drive and do your face at the same time.

Check out the inspiration for the Mii here.

The magazine apparently even asked its readers what they look for in a car. The reply: “A place for impromptu karaoke performances, last-minute wardrobe changes, dramatic gossip sessions and emergency lunch-hour kips”.

Naturally, the entire stunt has copped its fair share of derision from women insulted there was now a car just for them. Was every other car was for blokes, they demanded to know? The Mii was also marketed as “exciting to drive” but also “easy to park”. Because we all know how women struggle with that, don’t we?

Cue the online fury. Initially many people thought it was a joke. But no, two of the top brands in their respective categories had combined in arguably the marketing stuff-up of 2016. Many raged on Twitter with comments such as “Now finally women can drive themselves! Why has it taken so long? Does it have a tampon holder?” and “Aren’t all cars for women, or just ‘cars’ as I usually call them?”

B&T checked but was unsure how the Mii was selling after it was launched last week.

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