Corporate Blogging: A Thing Of The Past?

Corporate Blogging: A Thing Of The Past?

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What brands will need to consider going forward is not their own feelings about blogs and other digital content, but how consumers respond to those media.


Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research report that corporate blogging has declined in use by 3 percent—its first drop since such statistics were first recorded seven years ago.

These findings suggest that, while still a relevant medium, blogging is sharing space and resources with other content channels as integrated content marketing strategies take on greater prominence.

Even though blogging has become less prevalent among the world’s top brands, the vast majority of public-facing blogs were still active at the time of the study. Seventy-eight percent of the blogs surveyed were still actively publishing and being managed—their RSS feeds were still functioning, comments were enabled, and subscriptions were still being taken.

But as the study suggests, blogging in today’s digital age doesn’t enjoy the content monopoly it held seven years ago. Social media, in particular, has become a widely engaged content-creation platform. The survey noted that 97 percent of Fortune 500 brands have LinkedIn accounts, while 83 percent maintain Twitter accounts and 80 percent have Facebook Business Pages.

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