Corona & Parley Partner With Stephanie Gilmore To Ban Single-Use Plastic

Corona & Parley Partner With Stephanie Gilmore To Ban Single-Use Plastic

It is estimated that roughly 5 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year with as many as 10 million plastic bags entering circulation in Indonesia every day.

Earlier this year, Bali announced a ban of all single-use plastic (including plastic bags) that takes affect later this year. For the first time, Balinese will have to rely on reusable bags exclusively.

To help support the local NGOs who have been leading the charge against single-use plastic and as part of their commitment to the region where the annual Bali Pro-tected surf event takes place, Corona, Parley and World Surf League are donating 20,000 reusable bags made from Ocean Plastic.

Limited edition bags are also being created on-site and will be sold in real-time at The proceeds from each bag purchased funds the donation of an additional 3 bags to the local community and the removal of more than 20 bottles worth of plastic. The ambition over time is to provide one bag for every household in Indonesia.

The limited-edition bags were designed by Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina and Rosy Hodge in partnership with artists Nadia Hernandez, Speto and Gemma O’Brien respectively.

Surfers on the WSL Championship Tour have also shown their support by designing their own bags to raise awareness of the project.

The collaborators are part of the inaugural “La Casa” pop-up, a house made from 1.5 metric tonnes of recycled plastic in partnership with NevHouse.

Founded by Corona, the house will become a platform for surfers, artists and thought-leaders to work on projects that can inspire a better world. The house itself is a positive reminder that plastic can be given a meaningful second life, much like the bags.

Each pop-up will include new collaborators and new projects to help protect paradise from plastic pollution.

“The La Casa platform is about collaboration and creativity to energise the fight against marine plastic pollution,” said Evan Ellman, Corona Better World director.

“In this case, Corona and our partners Parley and World Surf League, were inspired by the movement to ban single-use plastic in Bali and recognised an opportunity to support the transition. Just as impressive are the talented collaborators who signed on to bring their voice and point of view to the project.

“The result is a product that is not only a symbol of change, but also has a significant impact on the environment and community.”

Most recently, Corona and Parley partnered with Oscar-nominated stop-motion artist PES to create a film on Earth Day to raise awareness that “avoiding” and “intercepting” plastic saves the lives of marine wildlife.

The La Casa initiative in Bali is an example of how plastic can be “redesigned” into a product that replaces single-use plastic.

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