Here Are The Coolest Ways Drones Have Been Used In Advertising

Here Are The Coolest Ways Drones Have Been Used In Advertising

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Get your beer delivered straight to your ice hut, if that's, you know, what you're into.


It seems like ever since last December, when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said his company was working on drone prototypes that could one day deliver packages to doorsteps, the public has been imagining a world where we coexist with drones buzzing overhead.

Google has similar plans for drones, and now DHL has announced it will begin delivering medical supplies using drones in Germany.

There’s a chance these types of deliveries will remain highly specialised, of course, and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been cracking down on the still largely unregulated technology. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of marketers and innovators out there thinking of new ways to use drones.

Over the past year, small businesses and major corporations alike have been using the machines to advertise products.

In January, Minneapolis-based Lakemaid Beer released an ad showing off a real-life service it created to ship beer to ice fishers on Minnesota’s Lake Waconia.

See the other cool ways drones have been used here. And check out why drone-vertising might not take off.

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