Controversial ‘Beach Body Ready’ Ad Reappears In Mega Outdoor Campaign

Controversial ‘Beach Body Ready’ Ad Reappears In Mega Outdoor Campaign

So they may have caused a viral uproar in the London Underground, and subsequently banned, and yet Protein World has brought its controversial ‘Are you beach body ready?’ ads to a big-arse skyscraper in New York City.

The ads caused a massive shit-storm when first appearing in the UK, with some of the ads defaced and commuters taking to social media to voice their furious objections to the ad that many said suggested there was only one type of body that could be ‘beach body ready’.

However, what really made headlines was the response from Protein World.

While social media was the arena for which harsh words were thrown towards Protein World, the company responded too, with one reply to a Twitter user telling them to ‘grow some balls’.

The ads also inspired a bucket-load of memes, with beer brand Carlsberg jumping right in on the action and projecting an ad next to Protein World’s asking whether commuters were ‘beer body ready?’

Only time will tell whether America will react the same as the UK did, however it would be hard to deface this high-up ad.

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