Content Is King! Or is it? Asks MCN

Content Is King! Or is it? Asks MCN

Consumers are inundated with choices when it comes to content, but it’s not enough to keep pumping it out. Brands want to align themselves with quality content, says Elizabeth Minogue, national director of integration and content partnerships at the Multi Channel Network (MCN).

In a world of far greater choice, but often diluted quality, Australian audiences are turning to trusted premium brands to help discover and curate their entertainment options.

Advertisers are also seeking out high quality, trusted content rather than exposing their brand to the poor quality environments of the long-tail. Supporting this is the fact that integrated campaigns within premium content are currently driving revenue growth across Multi Channel Network.

The old adage ‘content is king’ no longer rings true.  The market has evolved to the point where premium content, not just any content, reigns supreme when it comes to audience engagement.

How can we spot the difference?  Here’s five ways advertisers can identify premium content:

  1. Premium content is timely, unique and emotionally engaging
  2. The advertising value of premium content increases when it becomes exclusive to a particular channel, or is an exclusive first run property.
  3. The legitimacy of claims around audience engagement can usually be verified by strong audience metrics.
  4. Meaning an association with the “feel good” factor is also an important part of the premium content offering for advertisers.
  5. The ability to integrate  a brand seamlessly into an episode of a viewer’s favourite show remains the most premium advertising environments available.

The Selling Houses Australia content franchise is a powerful example of this audience connection. Currently the top non-sports programme on subscription TV. For the latest season (eight), six partners have integrated their brands content seamlessly into the show. This includes long term partner Taubmanns who have the show’s interior designer Shaynna Blaze on board as an ambassador; Luxaflex window blinds, awnings and coverings; Choices Flooring; Forty Winks; Bunnings and Volvo.

All of Selling Houses Australia’s partner brands have become part of the fabric of the show. Viewers want to know what paint colours, floors and blinds Shaynna chooses for the house. They see the effects of her choices and can engage on an emotional level. This is only possible because of their connection with the show and its story. The positioning of brands on Selling Houses has been done to add benefit to the viewer, it has been created specifically with the audience in mind.

The great value of premium content is that it can be taken further, beyond in-show integration and digital campaigns. When paired with TV data, it means that advertisers can target shows and content that are likely to hit the mark with viewers every time.

We know through our Multivew research panel that viewers of Selling Houses Australia are more likely to own their own homes, be interested in renovation and spend more on all things associated with their homes. This includes hardware, furniture, appliances and financing.

This allows for the creation for highly relevant campaigns.  For example, the “Social Encores” campaign for Selling Houses Australia collects data through Facebook competition voting, calculates the viewer’s opinion and puts this back on-air as part of the show – letting audiences know 80% agreed with the choice of wall paint or 40% would have chosen different floor boards etc. This provides another way to add a layer of engagement and create a strong connection point – it goes back to delivering that feel good factor for the viewer.

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