Content Hustlers Forecast The End Of Influencers

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This decade will see the end of an era of influencers and the return to brand-owned content, according to visual image company Content Hustlers.

Director, David Vale, said influencers are not the answer and in many cases can damage a brand’s key messages.

“Influencers are all about their brand while the client’s brand takes second place,” said Vale.

“We have seen many instances in the beauty industry where influencers post incorrect information on how to use the product, or simply use the product very badly.

“The risks associated with relying on influencer content are simply becoming too great for marketers who are passionate about protecting their brand,” he said.

However while Vale predicts influencers will become less popular with marketers, they will always occupy part of the strategy.

“Influencers are a part of the program and the key is to work with quality influencers and have some control over the branded content they are posting.

“It’s important to acknowledge that influencers are not photographers, stylists or creatives so they are unlikely to deliver the quality that many marketers require,” he said.

The business aims to help brands take back control of their visual images via creating original creative content rather than relying on influencers.

Content Hustlers offers the next generation of digital images with dedicated studios, full time stylists, photographers and editors plus a props department.


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