Project Consent Ad Goes Straight For Talking Rude Bits

Project Consent Ad Goes Straight For Talking Rude Bits

A non-profit, volunteer based campaign called ‘Project Consent’ has created some explicit characters to lay down the very simple idea that “if it’s not yes, it’s no”.

The “consent is simple” campaign is created by Juniper Park\TBWA. Check out the three ads below:

“If you look at other campaigns around consent, they tend to speak in analogies,” Juniper Park\TBWA chief creative officer Terry Drummond told Strategy magazine. “It’s always saying it’s like this other thing. But no, it’s not about those other things. It’s about sexual consent, and these are the most relevant characters in that conversation, so why aren’t we saying and showing what it is?

“[Consent is] always made to be such a complicated conversation, with gray areas and he-said, she-said situations,” he says. “We really felt that we should wipe the slate clean and think about it simply and say it simply. It’s cut and dry, yes or no, but you don’t always feel that when you look at some of the messages around it.”

“It’s simple and addresses consent without dancing around the topic,” added Project Consent founder Sara Li. “It makes it easier to talk about, like it should be, for students or teachers or parents. It should be approachable and direct and easy to see what is and isn’t appropriate.”

One of the most recent analogies for consent is the ‘Tea = Consent’ ad by the Crown Prosecution Service, Thames Valley Police, Rape Crisis and other UK agencies.

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