Condom Manufacturer To Start Making Denim Jeans

Condom Manufacturer To Start Making Denim Jeans

We’ve probably all fumbled about with one of its products with some drunk person we’d only just met, and now condom manufacturer Durex is reportedly branching out into fashion.

The famed prophylactic maker has unveiled vague plans to launch a range of denim jeans in the Indian market. It’s also released this trailer, featuring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, ahead of the launch.

However, not everybody is so sure a condom company can move into fashion and some are calling it a (confusing) marketing stunt.

Durex has, however, set up a microsite to promote its new range, which is suitably vague. Check it out here.

While the company’s website had this to say: “Durex Jeans condoms are made of quality natural rubber latex. The classic design with lubrication helps you to obtain good sexual pleasure. The special way we make Durex Jeans means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.”

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