Completely Nuts! Is This The Ad Every Creative Wished They’d Made?

Completely Nuts! Is This The Ad Every Creative Wished They’d Made?

It’s an often heard gripe of advertising creatives, their clients never want to do anything fun or dangerous, content with turning out safe, vanilla campaigns save for offending anyone.

Well, that certainly can’t be said of the marketing team at HORNBACH, Germany’s answer to our very own Bunnings chain.

The brand’s latest campaign, called ‘Sweat It Out’, is simply stark raving genius lunacy on every level. Check it out for yourself below:

The ad’s the work of Berlin creative agency HEIMAT and in a statement explained the plot thus: “In the TV commercial, the task of coping with nerve-racking, everyday problems is taken over by a troupe of hyperactive ‘rubber cowboys’ who represent visually what’s going on inside the human body on a cellular level when sweat is being produced during hard work.

“These ‘rubber cowboys’ have one, sole, raison d’ être – and that is to get rid of everyday problems and stresses by literally transforming them into sweat. With a “bye-bye”, they bid farewell to the sweat – and also all of those day-to-day problems – which are then pushed out into the real world of the protagonist, who is engaged in the strenuous, but ultimately rewarding task of moving huge slabs of rock to build natural stone steps in his garden.”

Commenting on the campaign, HORNBACH’s head of marketing, Thomas Schnaitmann, said:  “The campaign is a typical HORNBACH invitation to be both active and creative outside in your garden during this spring.

“Anyone who has ever dug out a garden pond, planted a flower bed or built a patio knows that a project which makes you sweat is the perfect way get rid of stress that has built up over the day.”

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