Wahoo is a passionate, creative team brimming with advertising and marketing know-how, honed over decades of industry experience.We aren’t afraid to innovate – in fact; it’s what we do best – as we strive to bring that ‘wahoo’ feeling and sense of achievement to your business. We love what we do and that always shines through and we still believe there’s nothing ‘old school’ about good old-fashioned service.We’re very much face-to-face people. We love to catch up over a coffee and get to the heart of any campaign or project brief. Connectivity is in our nature and we’d rather that than hide behind a hierarchy of staff who don’t have the same vested interest in the success of your enterprise.In fact most of our clients like the fact they get to deal with the owners of the business. They know their interests will be taken care of, and that they don’t need to repeatedly explain their needs and desired marketing outcomes.Sure, you could say we’re a smaller agency – but big hearted. Or you could say we’re a lean, well-oiled team – a collective of like-minded people who thrive together and you’ll love working with.Either way we think our size is just right. With our exceptional team and a trusted, well credentialed network of specialist talent there’s very little we can’t achieve – just try us!