Rollingball is a family owned production house. Operating since 2009, we develop innovative communication strategies and love delivering targeted campaigns. In-house we offer strategy, design, screen production, animation and photography, and we partner with web specialists to deliver digital solutions. Our philosophy is to work collaboratively with clients, always considering their brief, audience and budget and we welcome creative input throughout the development process. Our style of project management is hands on and down-to-earth and we believe that’s the service our clients experience when they partner with us. We value being able to work in the creative industries in a regional market, providing employment opportunities, and using our expertise to deliver projects that have a larger purpose and can make a difference. Imagine.Create.Communicate is the description of our business that drives what we do for the people we work with. Whether the end goal is to maximise product exposure, deliver a message, instigate behavioural change or generally contribute to an enhanced corporate image, we use this to underpin the collaboration with our client’s team. Our portfolio of work includes environmental initiatives, safety awareness and corporate communications, government projects, national and local television campaigns, web series’ and independent productions.