Founded on our guiding principles of speed, teamwork and provocation, Mindshare is a global media agency like no other.Launched in Asia in 1997, our culture is rooted in our desire to constantly evolve.Mindshare was created by WPP, designed to be open-sourced and the world’s first truly global media network.Living our values has always defined us. We believe everything begins and ends in media. This is why Mindshare continues to create new models, new products and new ways of thinking that ensure we continue to create work that delivers concrete result for the partners we work with.Mindshare believes there are no rules, just results.Our core beliefs are:Everything begins and ends in Media Original Thinking is fundamental to everything we do We are a global network by design, and our commitment to global collaboration sets us apart Our only competitive advantage is our people and our attitude. Contact Mindshare Australia today to learn more about how our media agency can help move your business forward.