An incredible start to the Growth Gen Summit in 2020 has had our team reflect on the purpose of the virtual events that we host and why it is super important for small businesses to combine mindful training and strong business acumen to ‘live’ their business. The truth is, small business owners aim to separate their lives from their business however the reality is that most of them push themselves hard to juggle both. Most of the times their business affects their lives and vice versa. ​ The key is not balance. It's creating a structure and getting clarity in where you, as a business leader, entrepreneur and owner, want to be in life and business. A work-life frame that will see you enjoy the process better, collaborate more and deliver a holistic approach to doing business. ​ Welcome to the new era of living your business with Growth Gen. Growth Gen, (GG) is an exciting business community that combines living and business to deliver a generational and timeless work-life frame.(Generational refers to creating a mission to live your business. Work-life frame refers to structure and results). The environment has changed for entrepreneurs and creating inspiring, practical and thought driven connections will be the key to fighting forward. We host several events that will assist you to: ​ - Connect with businesses and form solid relationships. - Collaborate and solve your challenges and opportunities. - Learn and grow by strengthening your mind and business knowledge.