DigitalChameleon is a Sydney Startup established with a soul intent of humanising digital conversations.Emotions are the most powerful thing in the world driving our Behaviour and Relationships. Digital Chameleon adapts to individuals and their circumstances, exploiting the science of human emotions, moods, current and past behaviour.The platform has inbuilt Chatbot, Live chat, Workflows integrated with Amazon Connect(for Telephony) providing The All-in-one Digital Xperience in Camouflaged UI.It comes with Pre-Trained FAQs and Use Cases for Banking and Financial Services Industry, allowing Customers of Financial Institutions to Enquire, Acquire & Transact at their Time, Pace, Channel & Device of Choice, in Familiar Messaging Xperience with Seamless Human Assistance.DigitalChameleon enables Financial Institutions create amazing customer experiences with No-Code Xperience Builder with multitude of integration options, including OTP, KYC, CRM and Core Systems.