WE HOST MONTHLY EVENTS AIMED TO INSPIRE, TRAIN AND CONNECT THE DIGITAL LEADERS OF TOMORROW. We seek to create opportunities to build leaders of tomorrow. Driven through showcasing inspirational role models, personal development and success stories. Connecting business and digital leaders and sharing resources that give our members the tools to succeed. Building networks of digital women, that can help to solve problems and find solutions through connecting with digital leaders and innovators. A space to discover the latest and most powerful tools, brands, platforms, businesses, employers, startups and accelerators within Melbourne.Whether your goal is to find new business opportunities, or gain new skills or launch an industry disrupting Start Up, join our monthly events and surround yourself with success oriented and driven Digital Woman leaders and Entrepreneurs. We host monthly events, our speakers are carefully selected to ensure you walk away inspired, with new skills or insights you didn’t have before you arrived. Our events are hosted monthly in Melbourne CBD @2,287 Collins Street Melbourne and or at major event locations. Nibbles, drinks and glass of wine are provided.SUCCESS STARTS WITH YOUR ATTITUDE. ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR THOUGHTS.. AND THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR ACTIONS.. YOUR ACTIONS DETERMINE SUCCESS..….Digital Women’s Network