The Community Mutual Group is the name used to describe three regional Credit Union brands that have combined to form a strong, regionally based financial institution that retains the unique local decision making and community involvement that sets regional Credit Unions apart from our larger banking competitors. In the New England and North West regions, the Community Mutual Group trades as New England Mutual. In the Orana and Central West regions we trade as Orana Mutual. Similarly, in the Hunter Valley, our trading name is Hunter Mutual. By combining our resources in this manner we have been able to retain our commitment to providing friendly, local service while achieving cost savings in “non-member facing” activities such as Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Marketing. These cost savings allow us to continue providing our members with quality products and services and a significant network of branches and agencies throughout regional NSW. The Community Mutual Group is one of the leading providers of financial services in the areas in which we operate. We are the largest inland community Credit Union in Australia with a member base of approximately 70,000 members and an asset base of almost $1 billion. Our organisational purpose is to provide our members with Trusted Community Banking. We employ local people who are empowered to make local decisions, we offer high quality customer service, treat people as individuals and are proud of our involvement in our local communities. The Community Mutual Group is totally committed to the financial well being of our members, who receive superior customer service and have access to a full range of quality, competitively priced financial products and services. Membership of the Community Mutual Group has many benefits, one of which is an entitlement as a shareholder to an equal say in the running of the Credit Union. Members of the Community Mutual Group have the democratic right to vote at Annual General Meetings and participate in the election of the Board of Directors. Our members are much more than just a number. They are treated with dignity and respect, because after all they are a part-owner of the Credit Union.