Communiqué Continues To Lead The Way In Australian Market

Communiqué Continues To Lead The Way In Australian Market

King Content has released version 2.5 of its leading end-to-end content marketing platform. The platform was officially launched at Content Marketing World in Sydney April 2014 and was given a completely new user interface with the release of version 2.0 in July last year.

The 2.0 update revolutionised the platform with the addition of multiple unique features, including built-in amplification software allowing clients to schedule their content to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as full Getty images integration with streamlined access to 70 million premium visual assets. After the update, all of King Content’s high-profile international clients joined the platform.

With the latest release, Communique 2.5, the software has significantly advanced to place it at the forefront of the end-to-end content marketing platform sector globally.

Video support

Communiqué now natively supports the production, distribution and measurement of video assets. This allows brands to manage and understand the video elements in their content marketing programs alongside all other content.

Cutting-edge analytics

The Communiqué analytical dashboard has undergone a complete facelift to better demonstrate the effectiveness of all content marketing activities. New integrations with Outbrain, Plista and AdStage allow content amplification to sit alongside consumption, engagement and conversion metrics, giving brands a 360-degree view of their paid content performance.

Additionally, with the introduction of video support, video metrics are available from YouTube and Facebook.

All new calendar

The new content scheduling calendar allows marketers to get a complete view of all their marketing activities. Clients can import their own events and activities and quickly filter on any type of content. They can also keep their personal calendars up-to-date with a two-way sync between their corporate calendars and their Communiqué calendar.

Integration with Adobe Analytics

Communiqué now integrates with Adobe Analytics, allowing brands who use Adobe Analytics for their web tracking to retrieve and report this data seamlessly in their analytical dashboard. As with Communiqué’s existing integration with Google Analytics, this allows clients to get a complete view of their content performance with consumption, engagement and conversion metrics.

Integration with Sitecore

Communiqué now integrates with Sitecore Web Experience Manager, allowing editorial staff to directly export approved content into the CMS with a single click. Content exporting can be carried out in real-time or scheduled for a future date. Communiqué now supports content export to Sitecore, WordPress and Drupal.

Content repository

To meet the needs of King Content’s multi-regional clients, Communiqué now provides an organisational content repository. This brand-new user interface allows marketers to search and browse across all content types housed in Communiqué, across their entire organisational structure.

Additionally, this content can easily be translated into 90 different languages across regions using Communiqué’s integration translation feature. Further, Communiqué now also allows already published content to be stored and catalogued within the platform. This enables organisations to manage and analyse the entire spectrum of their content marketing programs.

Content scoring

Communiqué’s data analysis team have developed a unique algorithm for benchmarking and scoring all content within a brand’s content marketing programs. The propriety formula is customisable – allowing for different metrics and weightings to be applied. This enables King Content and its clients to gauge what effective content looks like and how a program is trending overall.

Paul Ford, global commercial director said, “We are continuing to evolve into a platform that streamlines and improves the content marketing efforts of all our clients. From custom workflows and calendar integration to deep analytical reporting and content scoring, Communiqué is all about making marketers better storytellers.

“Particularly exciting for me is our renewed focus on data and the insights that result from this. This is a growth area for King Content and Communiqué and, as a result, we’ve been rapidly expanding our data analysis group and integrating with our parent company iSentia’s audience data.”

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