Commoner Joins Palliative Care Victoria To Launch ‘Moments That Matter’

Commoner Joins Palliative Care Victoria To Launch ‘Moments That Matter’

The ‘Moments That Matter’ campaign, which launches today, uses incredibly moving stories to help change existing fear-based perceptions of palliative care and start a conversation with people of all ages.

Palliative Care Victoria invited three agencies to collaborate in developing the powerful campaign.

Raine and Makin developed the creative campaign strategy, Commoner produced the videos and stills, and True Agency developed the campaign microsite.

Roberta Shaw, an experienced journalist, was responsible for the written stories.

The Moments that Matter website includes seven video and six written stories based on conversations with a diverse group of people with life-limiting illness and carers.

Three quarters of the 40,000 Victorians that pass away each year require palliative care, and yet there is still not a clear understanding of what palliative care is, so their experiences illustrate the positive and meaningful support that palliative care provides.

Each video is a personal, honest portrayal of people facing mortality and their lived experiences of palliative care. They reveal themes of love, freedom, purpose, trust, joy, family and ultimately, the moments that matter.

Through each of these stories, viewers gain insights into the various dimensions of palliative care and how it supports people to live, die and grieve well.

Commoner managing director Mark Welker said the vision was to share a universal human experience through seven diverse personal stories in ways that encourage meaningful conversations about living and dying, inviting people to understand rather than fear this part of life.

He added that appointing Thomas Hyland as director, was a critical step in the project given the importance of building trust with participants, enabling them to feel respected and to talk honestly about their experiences.

Palliative Care Victoria partnered with eight palliative care services to recruit people willing to share their stories for the campaign.

Palliative Care Victoria director Thomas Hyland said they were all eager to participate, even though for some, their loss was incredibly recent.

“People want to talk. Sadly, it’s often the case that people simply aren’t being asked to. All you have to do is show a regular amount of respect and then demonstrate, at every point you can, that you’re interested in listening,” said Hyland.

“I could have a genuine conversation.

“When you’ve got a campaign message as universal as this, honesty – even with its pain – is beautiful,” he said.

Raine and Makin company director said that talking honestly about living and dying gives everyone the opportunity to focus on what’s most meaningful in their lives.

“Not talking about death as a society leaves many people feeling afraid, alone, depressed and in denial.

“With more people dying every year of incurable illnesses, we need to have these conversations.

“No one should feel abandoned or alone at the end of their life,” said Benson.

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