Coming Soon To An Ikea Near You: The ROSSÖ

Coming Soon To An Ikea Near You: The ROSSÖ

He’s already ambushed unsuspecting IKEA shoppers with his very own catalogue inserts, but this week design enthusiast Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross, took things to a whole new level.

He launched his very own unique piece of furniture – ROSSÖ – at IKEA. Well, sort of.

Determined to see his furniture design dream become a reality, and not one to let a complete lack of interest from IKEA deter him, Rosso has resorted to guerrilla tactics, including creating his own catalogue insert and culminating in yesterday’s launch event outside a Melbourne IKEA, to take his furniture to the people.

It’s called the ROSSÖ.
The Rosso chair

It’s a bean bag with legs… because who hasn’t thought beanbags would be better if they were easier to get in and out of?

It all started in August when Rosso spied the latest IKEA catalogue on a colleague’s desk.

A long-time lover of great design, Rosso stole the catalogue then got to chatting to co-host Matty on air at their Sydney KIIS and Melbourne Mix drive show about some of his own design ideas.

Though Rosso’s initial concepts were completely shot down by his supportive co-host, Rosso wasn’t discouraged. And later in the week came up with the concept he thinks will be a hit with Aussie IKEA customers.

Armed with a sketch and prototype, Rosso is determined to see the ROSSÖ stocked at IKEA.

Not one to let a little thing like missing the print deadline for the latest IKEA catalogue stop him (or even IKEA’s total lack of interest), Rosso is leading the charge on his own personal campaign.

Resorting to guerrilla tactics in August, he had a keen group of supporters stationed outside Melbourne IKEA handing out ROSSÖ inserts (which he had made himself) for the catalogue.

Rosso rallied thousands of people to sign his online petition, but it all culminated in organising his own ‘launch’ event yesterday at the IKEA store in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

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