Come on; let’s give creativity wings!

Come on; let’s give creativity wings!

What comes first, the media plan or the creative idea? But does it really matter? Surely the time has come to break the cycle and let creativity fly? Mike Vasavada, Director, Mobility Solutions at mobiDdiction argues.

It’s in mobile, the so-called ‘savior of media’ where this argument seems to be most prevalent. Despite the acres of ‘mobile first’ commentary I read everyday. Everywhere I look, I still see creative being shoehorned from traditional media into mobile.

This may be functional, but if it’s not built for mobile, it’s not built with true customer experience in mind. Mobile is a one-to-one medium and because of that it’s the easiest way to build a relationship with your customer, and really stretch your creative genius!

I’m starting a campaign right here l to challenge marketers and agencies to start thinking about generating great creative for mobile first, not as an afterthought.

So, where do you start?

There are hundreds of ways brands, services and offers can be targeted towards customers.

Whilst there is certainly a synchronicity to be followed across all media channels, it’s the story and narrative that’s imperative if your communication is going to engage with the customer.

Equally important is providing the best possible customer experience based on where they are, what they are doing and how much time they have.

Sounds simple, but designing simple things that work can be quite complex.

Here are my four simple principles to get started.

Number One: Come up with a creative idea that answers the brief and then immerse it in mobile

How would you execute this idea on mobile? You have video, you have interactivity via the microphone, camera, accelerometer, motion sensors etc. Challenge yourself to make the most of them. Does your idea push the limits of the device, is it easy for the customer? If so, continue!

Number Two: Design with fluidity in mind.

Take a liquid; pour into a glass or pour it onto a plate. Liquid adapts itself yes? Easier said than done but that’s what you have to be ready to look at. Screens are the glasses and plates, and your creativity is the “liquid”.

Number three: Wear your consumer hat.

Gone are the days where you could just have pretty screens and expect it all to be seamless. Wear the “Consumer” hat, go out on the street and look at what you’ve come up with. See how it looks under a different light and a different device. Don’t detach yourself, interact with it and see if it works for you as a consumer.

Number Four: Chant the ‘Learn’ mantra (and do it everyday)

To me this is the most exciting part! There are so many ways to learn these days. Learning never stops, do it every day and never stop being curious..

Don’t be afraid to trial new things and make an effort to understand the detail of the do’s and don’ts of each channel you are designing for. Life changes pretty fast, and if you don’t take time out to stop and really understand each new platform and device, you may miss something.

As with all good ideas, these concepts follow simple principles. However I am but one fish in this creative pond, so I’d be interested to know your thoughts?

I’ll leave you with this, the next time you come up with an amazing idea – which is bound to smash the awards at Cannes – stop and think about how mobile it is. It’s worth remembering that all the awards in the world are never going to trump a really useful, and commercially successful solution.

*Mike Vasavada is a mobility solutions expert with over 15 years experience in digital strategy and marketing,  

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