Colour Means More Than You Think In Campaigns

Colour Means More Than You Think In Campaigns

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Designers are aware of the importance of colour, but campaign creators, not so much.


How can campaigns convert common portal users into avid supporters? When said users browse the featured projects, hundreds will likely pop-up, so what differentiates your project from all of the others?

Consider the fact over 90% of shoppers assess a product’s appearance before purchase. More specifically, colour influences a customer’s decision 60-85% more than any other visual factor. When it comes to campaign design, then, you should strive to set your project apart through the use of well-chosen marketing colours.

Picking Your Campaign’s Marketing Colours

Of the world’s top performing brands, 9% use colour alone to convey their identity – no text. This reveals the true power of appearances. Colours reflect different cultures, preferences, experiences, and emotions.

Designers know this well, but the average project creator may not. While one can easily slap a few pleasing colours together, stop and think about what those combinations may mean before sending out your promotional material.

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