Cochlear Launches ‘Hearprint’ Via CHE Proximity

Cochlear Launches ‘Hearprint’ Via CHE Proximity

Cochlear has released an online application that calibrates online video and music to the listener’s unique hearing ability.

CHE Proximity, together with audiologists and sound engineers, have collaborated to raise awareness about the 3.6 million Australians living with some form of hearing loss.

Based on a series of user inputs, Hearprint works by adjusting audio frequencies so they are tailored to the listener’s hearing ability. It then calibrates online content to the viewer’s ears.

Anyone can download the software as a Google Chrome extension to hear all their favourite online films, TV shows and music, with their unique sound calibration.

“No two people hear the world the same,” Janet Menzies, general manager of Cochlear in Australia and New Zealand, said.

“The new Hearprint tool helps Australians to visualise their unique sound calibration.”

Unlike hearing aids, which simply turn up the volume for all sounds around the wearer, Cochlear implants accommodate an individual’s unique hearing needs by recalibrating their ears to the world around them to restore their hearing.

Hearprint has been applied to the first content series calibrated to user’s unique hearing. The documentaries, by The Glue Society’s Jonathan Kneebone, tell the stories of how Cochlear is changing the lives of people with hearing loss.

Brian Jefferson, group creative director at CHE Proximity, said: “We don’t want to just make ads for Cochlear – we want to create experiences that help people reconsider their hearing and how Cochlear could help.

“Every day, thousands of Australians aren’t hearing as they should, so for those people, the Hearprint turns every video on the internet into a chance to realise there’s a better solution.

“And what better way to introduce it to the world than through the amazing stories of Jennie and Andy.”

Kneebone said: “Following on from the success of the ‘Hearing Test In Disguise’, it has been exciting for us to also direct this latest piece of innovative creativity, where we reveal the significant human impact of such incredible technology.”

Over the next few months, an addressable media campaign will promote the technology and the story of nutritional scientist Jennie Brand-Miller to select audiences, along with a PR presence and website experience designed to capture leads.


Client: Cochlear

Vice president of marketing and business development, Cochlear Australia and New Zealand: Scott Housley

General manager, Cochlear Australia and New Zealand: Janet Menzies

Senior manager, Cochlear Asia Pacific: Ben Marosszeky

Senior marketing communications manager, Cochlear Asia Pacific: Kerryn Burke

Senior marketing communications manager, Cochlear Australia and New Zealand: Linda Ballam-Davies

Consumer campaign manager, Cochlear Asia Pacific: Kate Harrison

Cochlear Care Centre managers, Cochlear Australia and New Zealand: Leonie Fewster and Julie Decker

Agency: CHE Proximity

CEO: Chris Howatson

Managing director: David Halter

Chief creative officer: Ant White

Group creative director: Brian Jefferson

Associate creative directors: Letizia Bozzolini and Lisa O’Neill

Senior copywriter: Cameron Brown

Group account director: Mariana Rice

Senior account director: Charlotte Jones

Senior account manager: Alice Jamieson

Head of design: Jason Young

Senior designer: Vanessa Saporito

Head of CHEP Films: Julie Duff

Production coordinator: Katena Valastro

Operations manager: Roma Stein

Head of performance: James Shaw

Senior experience strategist: Hannah Garcia

Performance manager: Elliot Tindale

Experience manager: Ryan Townsend

Performance executive: Elaine Yang

Programmatic manager: Tien Tran

Data and media operations manager: Leigh Munday

Digital products director: Jamie Metcalfe

Digital project manager: Simon Ridley

Creative technologists: Matthew White and Patrik Fagard

Technical director, product and communications: Matthew Rose

Head of strategic design: Matthew Willcox

Senior digital designer: Sebastian Perez de Arce

PR: Attention+Influence

General manager: Simone Pipkorn

Account director: Fleur Williamson

Senior account manager: Elen Clement

Director: Jonathon Kneebone, The Glue Society

Production: Revolver/ Will O’Rourke

Managing director and executive producer: Michael Ritchie

Executive producer and head of projects: Josh Mullens

Producers: Isabella Vitelli and Jasmin Helliar

Director of photography: Alex Harrod and Jordan Maddocks

Post-production: The Glue Society Studios

Flame artist: Viv Baker

Colourist: Trish Cahill

Sound: Noise International

Sound designer: Kathleen Burrows


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