Is Coca-Cola About To Review Its Branding And Media Businesses?

Is Coca-Cola About To Review Its Branding And Media Businesses?

Media agencies have reported that Coca-Cola South pacific is reviewing its media and branding side of the business. B&T has contacted Coca-Cola for clarification but has not received a reply at the time of publishing.

(Please note B&T has since an updated this story which you can read here.) 

Coca-Cola South Pacific has innumerable brands in the market including its soft drinks range, sports drinks (including Powerade) and bottled water brands.

Coke’s current media is held by UM and the creative by Ogilvy. It’s understood that the creative isn’t being reviewed.

However, a spokesperson for IPG Media Brands – parent of UM – told B&T any speculation the media was being pitched was a “total furphy”. IPG CEO, Danny Bass, also dismissed the speculation out of hand.

According to an agency chief who’d received the brief – but has declined to pitch for the business and asked to remain anonymous – the company had given pitches for media, branding and its corporate communications (which would involve government regulatory business.)

The “branding” included in-store, promotions, PR and brand reputation around things like sugar content in its beverages.

“Media was definitely one of the options,” B&T’s mole revealed. “And content, it’s social media, too.

“It wasn’t just one part of the business, it was all of it,” he said. “We received the brief in late January and second rounds have now gone out and it will all be happening next week, apparently. It’s all been very hush-hush.”

(Note: B&T initially reported the company name as Coca-Cola Amatil when it should have been Coca-Cola South Pacific. The article has subsequently been amended and B&T apologises for any confusion caused.)

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