Coca-Cola Brings A Bit Of Magic To New Labels

Coca-Cola Brings A Bit Of Magic To New Labels

A new Coca-Cola TVC by advertising agency David, “Taste The Magic”, has a Las Vegas magician Justin Flom magically transform Coke bottles into other Coke bottles.

Earlier this year, B&T reported that Coca-Cola had redesigned the packaging of each of its variation—  silver for Diet Coke,  black for Coke Zero and green for stevia-infused Coca-Cola Life —around the signature red colour of original Coca-Cola.

This US advert is the first time the packaging has been used:

“50 per cent of Coca-Cola’s communication will be aimed at its original variant and the other 50 percent at the low and no-calorie options,” reads an accompanying pressie. “This means that in 2016, Coca-Cola will have invested four times more in these options compared to 2015.”

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