CNN Facing Backlash Over Anti-Semitic Headline Crawl

CNN Facing Backlash Over Anti-Semitic Headline Crawl

CNN is receiving a lot of hate on social media over an on-screen message that aired during The Lead WitH Jake Tapper. The segment was about the President-elect’s transition and his association with the alt-right, but CNN’s choice of headline is what people are focusing on.

The discussion was between CNN’s Jim Sciutto (filling in for Jake Tapper) and Real Clear Politics‘ Rebecca Berg and the Boston Globes’ about Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as chief strategist (Bannon is former head of alt-right organ Breitbart News).

Sciutto quoted the president of The National Policy Institute, Richard Spencer who coined the term “alt-right”. Spencer has been quoted saying: “One wonders if these people are people at all, or instead soulless golem.”

The on-screen headline (known as a chyron) said “Alt-Right Founder Questions If Jews Are People”, which a lot of people have taken offence to.

Here’s the segment:

Jake Tapper responded to the controversy: 

See reactions on social media:

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