Click Frenzy brands Kogan 'offensive' and 'hypocritical'

Click Frenzy brands Kogan 'offensive' and 'hypocritical'

Click Frenzy has defended its legal action against Kogan over the use of the word ‘Frenzy’ and branded the electronic giant’s complaints “hypocritical”.

Click Frenzy managing director Grant Arnott said it will “vigorously defend” its intellectual property rights and described the Kogan Frenzy as a “gross breach” of the Click Frenzy trademark.

Kogan’s chief executive Ruslan Kogan accused Arnott of attempting to have a monopoly over a national online sales event and said Click Frenzy “cares more about profiting...than it does about ensuring shoppers get the best deals possible”.

Arnott said the Kogan’s comments are “absurd and baffling”.

“To even raise the question that we could be being granted a monopoly over online frenzies, clicking or any other form of sale activity is ridiculous,” Arnott said.

“Our application for the trademark was duly approved by the appropriate authorities.

“I find Kogan’s statement offensive with the mere suggestion we are doing anything questionable by defending our intellectual property.”

Arnott called Kogan hypocritical for complaining about the event this year when it “was a very interested party” in 2012 and made “multiple enquiries” to be involved as a paid advertiser.

“There no issues raise about the model then, with Kogan sending an email to us station ‘We would like to be part of it. What do we needs to do in order to make that happen?’”

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