Chocolatier Unveils New SHYTE Chocolate Bar, & Social Media Erupts

Chocolatier Unveils New SHYTE Chocolate Bar, & Social Media Erupts

A Canadian chocolate manufacturer wants you to eat Shyte.

Yes, that is indeed the name of its new range of apparently healthy confectionary that is reportedly  an acronym for Seriously Helps You To Energise. The high-protein snack even sporting its own hashtag #EATSHYTE.

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As you’re probably very aware, shite is a common expression for shit, particularly favoured by the Scots who are having a field day with SHYTE chocolate.

However, it’s not clear if SHYTE founder Kevin Richards (pictured above)is even aware of the his brand’s namesake. The company’s motto is: “We may be silly, but we take our chocolate very seriously” and Richards has been busy liking and commenting on the social media stories SHYTE has created.

While others have suggested it’s a stroke of marketing genius by Richards to call his product something so daft.

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Scotsman Roy Isserlis was first to spot the oddly-named sweet treat, tweeting a picture of Richards alongside the chocolate treats, writing: “Oh my f@cking God, I am dying. Surely this guy has one Scottish friend who should have told him?”

Another added: “This probably won’t catch on in Scotland.” While another another penned: “Turns out to add gains I’ve been doing it wrong ? just need to add Shyte to my diet.”

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