Children’s Panadol Launches New Digital Platform With The Works

Children’s Panadol Launches New Digital Platform With The Works

Keeping your child healthy and happy is a full time job and now Children’s Panadol is celebrating the at times chaotic, unpolished and un-airbrushed delight that is real-parenting in a new digital creative platform developed by The Works.

The independent Sydney agency worked closely with YouTube and Rightster to find real-life clips of kids being kids and parents going to great lengths to keep them entertained for the campaign called ‘The things we do for kids’.

The Works’ strategy team undertook a comprehensive review of all Children’s Panadol data and identified a number of important insights that fuelled the creative direction of the digital platform, which since launch last week has achieved more than two million views across Facebook and YouTube. 

The video, of differing lengths, will be optimised to see which performs best and run as pre-rolls across various channels, with retargeting used to deliver more focussed messages to parents. 

A specially commissioned song called ‘Tell me why’ was also written by UK-based music producers Phonotheque to accompany the video.

Paul Swann, creative partner at The Works said: “We’ve produced a campaign that any parent will find eminently relatable. You can’t believably recreate the lengths parents go to in looking after their kids so we scoured the web to unearth the everyday unscripted moments that take place in families which gives it real authenticity and humour.”

Andy Pilkington, creative strategy director at The Works added: “This is a great example of data informing strategy which then drives a creative outcome. Children’s Panadol came to us with a business objective and from looking at the available data we developed ‘The things we do for kids’ platform.”

This is the first major campaign produced by The Works following its appointment to manage digital duties across the Panadol portfolio of products in May.

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