Chaser Boys Spoof Kerri-Anne In Mock Ad For Studio 10: “A Splash Of Angry Racism”

Chaser Boys Spoof Kerri-Anne In Mock Ad For Studio 10: “A Splash Of Angry Racism”

The Chaser Boys have released a mock radio ad for Studio 10 following Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s comments on Monday about Aboriginal women being raped.

During Monday’s episode of the show, Kennerley and TV presenter Yumi Stynes came head-to-head over the issue of Australia Day and the nation-wide protests which took place on January 26.

While Stynes backed those pushing for the date of Australia Day to be changed, Kennerley questioned whether those protesting actually had any interest in helping the Aboriginal “children, mothers, sisters” who are constantly faced with sexual assault.

Kennerley’s comments were met with fierce criticism, with Stynes accusing her of sounding “quite racist”, and protesters surrounding the Ten studios the following morning.

Now, the Chaser Boys have created a spoof Studio 10 radio campaign, which slams Kennerley and the show’s plummeting ratings.

Posted to the group’s Soundcloud page, the voiceover in the ad says: “At Studio 10, our ratings are plummeting — so we’re changing the format.

“All the latest in celebrity gossip and dieting tips, now with a splash of angry racism.”

It adds: “After you’ve got the kids off to school, relax on the couch with advertorials for holidays interspersed with the unhinged rants of a rich woman!”

Listen here:

This is not the first time Kennerley and the Chaser Boys have butted heads.

In October of last year, Kennerley came out in defence of Alan Jones after The Chaser boys projected the shock jock’s number onto the sails of Sydney Opera House.

The beef kicked off during a heated interview on Ten’s Studio Ten yesterday morning, as The Chaser’s Charles Firth was brought on as a guest to discuss the prank.

Speaking to Firth, Kennerley said: “I think it’s very clever what you did for your show, but the number?”

She added: “I think that was too far.”

In response, Firth said: “Some people thought it was a good idea, other people thought it was a bit of a horrible thing to do to a person, but he’s been horrible to so many women.

To which Kennerley replied: “Oh what absolute rubbish.

“Yes he’s got a temper and he can sound very hard, but there are a lot of times where he’s done amazingly fabulous work and I don’t think it’s got anything to do with being a woman,” she added.

Kennerley then asked Firth for his number, which he happily gave to the host.

Moments later, Firth’s phone began ringing off the hook.

The on-air stoush followed the ongoing debate over whether the Everest Race should be able to broadcast ads on the Opera House sails.

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