Channelzero Partner With 360DMG To Create First Fully Integrated Campaign For Pet Circle

Channelzero Partner With 360DMG To Create First Fully Integrated Campaign For Pet Circle

Creative agency Channelzero have partnered with media agency 360DMG to create their first fully integrated campaign for Pet Circle.

Used by half a million customers, Pet Circle is an online pet supplies store. Wanting to extend their market reach, Pet Circle engaged Channelzero and 360DMG to meet this challenge.

In the first of a series of ads, the adventures of a cat and dog unfold. Tom is an aloof and slightly malevolent Pommy cat and Digger the dog, is a smart, but subservient side-kick. Together these two characters show us the many ways in which, Pet Circle is, ‘Better all round for pet supplies’.

Dan Machen, creative & strategy partner at Channelzero said: “We found from working with an audience of ‘pet parents’ that animals are seen as furry-friends and sentient beings with unique personalities. This helped spark a rich story, script and concept.

“We were given the opportunity to create a fun and irreverent project, that in turn drove our media plans for enjoyable family viewing. Tom & Digger are designed to build emotional equity for Pet Circle and deliver something with real longevity.

“We wanted advertising that people look forward to seeing. The work lands Pet Circle’s value and simplicity of ordering online in ways that we hope speaks to Australian families.

“Channelzero are thankful to have been blessed with an amazing collaborative team that included a brave client; the multi-talented Felix Williamson – who voiced and directed the ads – and Clockwork Films – who realised our vision of bad lip syncing a cat.”

Jon Wild, CMO at Pet Circle said of the campaign: “In choosing Tom & Digger for our campaign, we wanted to focus on something that was relevant and distinctive. We feel the spots we’ve got to are really successful and represent what Pet Circle is all about; a better experience with ordering online that lives and breathes the new tagline, ‘Better all round for pet supplies.”

Heath George, executive producer at Clockwork Films added: “Backed by Pet Circle’s faith in the creative and production team, we were entrusted to bring the maniacal cat, ‘Tom’ and the sweet and obedient dog, ‘Digger’ to life. We embraced an approach we collectively dubbed “bad lip sync”.

“Rather than using CGI, we captured natural mouth movements from our loveable chewing, chomping & barking shopaholics. This produced a genuine, funny and authentic feel. The challenge then fell to the Director & voice actor Felix Williamson to improvise elements of the script to match the edits. The result? A slightly insane Director, a very long side-splitting voice over session, & a charming series of great value ads!”

The National campaign kicked off over the weekend with 30 and 15 second tv spots. This is followed by a series of tongue-in-cheek social media videos.


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