Cannes UnCanned: The Power Of Personalisation In Audio

Cannes UnCanned: The Power Of Personalisation In Audio

The notion of personalisation in advertising is often associated with technologically complex algorithms and rafts of data.

But when it comes to personalisation in audio, it is actually innately human.

“We instinctively use relevant, emotional information in every conversation we’ve ever had, it’s storytelling,” said A Million Ads executive creative director Sam Crowther [feature image] during a live session with ARN as part of Cannes UnCanned virtual event.

According to Crowther, humans have been conditioned to sift through the constant flow of information, making personalised audio a powerful tool.

“Brands understand the emotional connections they establish create shortcuts in decision making, however, in a busy, noisy modern world, where everyone is trying to grab your attention it’s best to communicate in a way the brain has evolved to prioritise it – personally,” he said.

With personalisation in audio continuing to grow in popularity, advertisers are learning the fine line between personal and too personal.

Crowther likened it to a stranger yelling out your name in the real world.

“You would be completely freaked out,” he said. “So we have to think like that.”

Again using the example of addressing a customer by name, Crowther pointed out how important context is.

“There are different ways that you can apply any data, you can do it consciously or subconsciously,” he said.

Addressing a customer directly will “burn very quickly”, while placing that same name within the ad could be an effective way to draw someone in.

A million ads?

Crowther’s company, A Million Ads, uses data to create personalised audio ads that address listeners with more context and more relevance.

It’s a solution that could literally see a campaign with a million different ads.

Crowther explained some of the largest campaigns have resulted in around 40 million different bits of copy.

And while this sounds laborious, he explained it is not actually as labour-intensive as it sounds.

“Because you’re only recording the elements of the campaign, you’re not actually recording every single ad, so you’re recording let’s say 200 locations, four weather conditions and ten lines for different devices.

“The number of words you’re recording might be between 500 to 700. In a normal 30-second ad you should be aiming for 85 to 90 words. For a voiceover, it’s not a huge jump more.”

To check out the full session with Sam Crowther click here.



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