Can An AIDS Awareness Ad Be Funny? Yep, The Kiwis Have Nailed It Yet Again

Can An AIDS Awareness Ad Be Funny? Yep, The Kiwis Have Nailed It Yet Again

Of all the creative briefs that probably don’t offer an agency (funeral insurance aside) a chance for a great deal of humour, AIDS awareness is possibly right up there.

So, kudos to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) for its latest campaign that handles the tricky subject of disclosing to a potential partner an AIDS status all with a healthy dollop of (albeit rather bawdy) slapstick.

The campaign, titled ‘One of those chats’, attempts to communicate the message that men living with HIV, who have an undetectable viral load for more than half an year, cannot transmit HIV to sexual partners – even if condoms are not being used.

It’s set to run nationally, including digital activity on the gay dating app Grindr, radio and outdoor, too.

Check out the witty spot below, although B&T does warn it includes references to “handjobs with oven mitts” and “sexbot roleplay”. You’ve been warned…

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  • Eric Glare 2 years ago

    Did you actually listen to the clip before blogging? AIDS was not mentioned once as it was about HIV status. You chose the most stigmatising sensationalist word you could think of to sell your blurb but it is plain wrong and irresponsible to conflate HIV and AIDS. AIDS status is have or not have an AIDS defining illness. HIV status says nothing about having AIDS which is now rare for people with HIV.

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