Top US Creative Wieden + Kennedy Branches Out Into Music Videos

Top US Creative Wieden + Kennedy Branches Out Into Music Videos

Arguably one of the top creative agencies on the globe, Wieden + Kennedy has added yet another string to its esteemed bow unveiling a music video for latest little indi darlings, Portugal. The Man, a funky quartet from Portland, Oregon.

In fact, it’s not the first time the agency has worked with the band, having produced two of its previous videos.

This time around it’s unveiled it’s latest work for the band’s new single Live in the Moment. Check it out below:

Wieden + Kennedy creative director Erik Fahrenkopf said of the collaboration in a rather long-winded release that read: “The guys from Portugal. The Man asked us to create a music video for their single Live in the Moment. We said, ‘Yes!’ Then we said, ‘Hold on, when’s it due?’ And they were like, ‘I don’t know; you should talk to our manager, Rich.’

“And Rich said, ‘Real soon.’ We said, ‘What if we worked with Lance Woolen to build a 10-foot puppet and had him ride around on a Cadillac like it was a skateboard, and then he gets chased by a 10-foot cop on top of a giant Segway?’ Rich said, ‘I don’t know, lemme ask the band.’

“They said, ‘That sounds pretty stupid. Can we shoot it next Thursday?’ We said, ‘How about Wednesday?’ And they said, ‘Wednesday’s actually better.’ And we said, “’Let’s shoot in Portland, with a local crew. Even the stuntman.’ And they said, ‘Stuntman?’ And we said, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna kickflip a Cadillac.’ And they said, ‘If we don’t total the Cadillac, can we have it?’ And we said, ‘Of course.'”

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