Modern Living Can Be Bad For Your Health, Warns Powerful New Campaign

Modern Living Can Be Bad For Your Health, Warns Powerful New Campaign

International skylights and roof window company Velux has unveiled a new global campaign that aims to highlight the health risks of spending too much time indoors.

The ad, titled “The Indoor Generation”, was born of research from 16,000 people across north America and Europe that found we spend 90 per cent of our lives inside.

It found that respondents think they spent less time indoors than they actually do. The perception across all those surveyed was that we only spend 18 per cent of our time inside (just over four hours), while the actual figure is 90 percent (more than 21 hours).

Check out the powerful spot below:

Commenting on the ad and study results, Velux’s Peter Foldbjerg said: “With the pressures of modern life we are all now firmly a part of the ‘indoor generation’ and we need to understand the implications on our health and wellbeing of life indoors, as well as outdoors, when it comes to polluted air.

“We are a 24/7 society and this has disconnected us from the natural rhythms of nature – our circadian rhythm, a neurophysiological term for the 24-hour body clock that anticipates and adapts our physiology to the different phases of the day, sleep and wake cycle. All of this impacts our sleep quality and general health.”

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