IKEA Unveils Its Craziest Ad Ever Starring Lady Gaga’s & Madonna’s Stylist

IKEA Unveils Its Craziest Ad Ever Starring Lady Gaga’s & Madonna’s Stylist

When IKEA announced global fashion “activist” Bea Åkerlund as a contributor back in May it caused as much excitement as it did confusion.

The eccentric, Swedish-born/US raised fashionista was better known for her crazy stage costumes for the likes of music superstars Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rhianna and Beyoncé to name just a few.

Åkerlund unveiled a range of her own designed homewares for the global chain (that were apparently available in Australia) called the OMEDELBAR Collection and included such things as large glass hats, lip-shaped pillows and 3D-printed hands.

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However, the relationship appears to be ongoing judging by a new campaign emanating out of IKEA’s Swedish HQ. The new ad stars the 42-year-old Åkerlund promoting her eponymous range that’s part film clip, part gothic stage show. Check it out all the oddity below:

On her relationship with the brand, Åkerlund said: “It started when Karin Gustavsson – the creative leader for OMEDELBAR – had heard me speak on Swedish radio and apparently this inspired her to reach out. I was really excited, as I’m a huge fan of the IKEA brand.

“Style is style, so if you’re interested in fashion, chances are you’ll be interested in interior design. It should speak to the many, but still be true to who I am. Looking at OMEDELBAR I feel like we’ve really accomplished that, as it contains items that I love and have been looking for myself. I’ve always had a clear vision of what this collection should be, from start to finish. And with it, I hope to inspire people to think outside the box, get them to take a risk and have fun, to purchase something they’d never expect to find at IKEA. Simply put – get people to live a little!”

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