Cameron And Alison Daddo Launch New Season Of Separate Bathrooms Podcast

Cameron And Alison Daddo Launch New Season Of Separate Bathrooms Podcast
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smoothfm’s Cameron Daddo and wife Alison Daddo continue to bring listeners on their journey of love and marriage, with their popular podcast Separate Bathrooms returning to the Nova Podcast Network with the first episode out this week.

The Daddos will talk to a range of couples from all walks of life about the highs and lows of their relationships and the lessons learned in love in this popular podcast filled with humour and heart. This series will feature fascinating stories from authors, activists, TV personalities and even a former high court judge. The first episode, which is out now, features Sam Bloom and Cameron Bloom, subjects of the bestselling book Penguin Bloom.

Navigating the ups and downs of a 30-year marriage, the pair are still just as curious about the workings of relationships. Having met and married in 1991 they were hailed as Australia’s “Golden Couple” with both finding success in the spotlight – Cam as a multi-award-winning actor and entertainer and Ali as a highly accomplished model and cover girl.

Fast forward three decades, now with three children: Lotus, River and Bodhi, the Separate Bathrooms podcast sees the couple share the lessons learned and answer questions from their Instagram fans on everything from raising children, marriage counselling, miscarriages, social media and other common hurdles in relationships and how to overcome them as a team.

Cameron Daddo said, “Ali and I are thrilled to be presenting another season of Separate Bathrooms. What began as fun way to share what we’ve experienced in our 30 years together has blossomed in fifty plus episodes into something that we’re thrilled to be a part of.

“We all do life and love differently, things that work for some, often don’t work for others. We’re talking with an amazing cross-section of people who share their own unique ways of navigating love, life and relationship. With the view, if you don’t hit the moon, you’re sure to hit a star.”

This season they will also be chatting with other couples about what they’ve learned about the crazy little thing called love, and how the hardest lessons can make you stronger. Sometimes raw, often hilarious and always honest, some of guests who will be featured in this current series will include:

  • Sam & Cam Bloom – Sam & Cam’s story became a bestselling book and was adapted into a film of the same name, Penguin Bloom
  • Dr Christopher Scanlon & Kasey Edwards
  • Michael Kirby
  • Carmella Galasso (head of ANZ’s Small Business Division) and her partner Adrian
  • smoothfm’s Jennifer Hansen & Alan Fletcher

Rachel Corbett, NOVA Entertainment Head of Podcasts & Digital Content said, “over more than 50 episodes Cam and Ali Daddo have opened their marriage up in the most real and honest way and I’m looking forward to hearing what happens when they create a space for other couples to share their highs and lows.”

NOVA Entertainment hosts the best Australian and international podcasts in investigative journalism, love, dating, comedy, entertainment, business and technology, health and lifestyle including Brenda, Call Me! with Courtney Act and Vanity, It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, The Space with Casey Donovan, The Chaser Report, The Update and many more.

Cameron Daddo can be heard in the evenings on smoothfm in Sydney and Melbourne, and around the country on DAB+, seven nights a week from 8pm.

Season three of Separate Bathrooms is set to music composed by Cameron Daddo and episodes are available on the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network.

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