Caitlyn Jenner Offered $1.7 million To Join Big Brother

Caitlyn Jenner Offered $1.7 million To Join Big Brother

Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly been offered £1 million ($A1.7 million) to take part in the UK’s version of Celebrity Big Brother.

However, there has been no confirmation if Jenner has accepted the offer amid reports that £1 million isn’t enough!

The UK’s The Daily Star is reporting comments from an “industry insider” who said: “The bookers are really keen to have Caitlyn in the house. They know she’d be TV gold so they’re prepared to break the bank for her.

“The world has been fascinated by Caitlyn’s story and getting her would push ratings through the roof,” the spokesperson said.

According to reports the Caitlyn, 67, who was born Bruce Jenner, reckons she is worth even more cash to appear. She apparently has met with the show’s producers to discuss her role. Producers have said the world is “fascinated” with Jenner and the show would “rate the roof off”.

And it appears the producers are circling US talent, with famed wrestler Hulk Hogan also being approached to appear in the show that is to be filmed over the UK summer.

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